Parambir’s Resume (Draft)

Seasoned backend developer with 18 years of experience building highly scalable services using JVM ecosystem (Java, Kotlin, and Scala). Currently Senior Software Engineer at Apple. Previously worked at Amazon and Atlassian.


Apple - Staff Software Engineer

2020 - Present

Vancouver, Canada

TestFlight back-end services, REST APIs, Cassandra, Kafka, Java, Jersey, Infrastructure, CI/CD

Amazon - Software Development Engineer


Vancouver, Canada

Distributed and highly scalable backend services using Java and Scala. Data processing and ML pipelines using Spark and AWS.

Designed and implemented multiple global backend services (using Java and Scala) and data processing/machine learning pipelines (using Spark and AWS Glue) that help in identifying and reordering replenishable products on Amazon.

  • Tech used: Java, Kotlin, Scala, AWS.
  • Designed and delivered serverless application on AWS (using Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Kinesis firehose, SNS) that delivers 5.5 million real time messages a month to downstream services.
  • Evangelized infrastructure-as-code and continuous integration/delivery of services in the team using Cloudformation, CodeDeploy and CodeBuild

Atlassian - Senior Developer


Sydney, Australia

Developed and maintained multiple microservices for Atlassian’s AWS based cloud platform.

  • Tech used: Java, Scala, AWS, TypeScript, Python.
  • Designed architecture for and delivered multiple microservices. Researched suitable AWS services for our requirements e.g. DynamoDB, RDS, Kinesis, SWF, ElasticSearch, SQS, SNS, etc.
  • Saved many man-months of team effort by proposing an Elastic Search based solution instead of a custom solution over DynamoDB for a search microservice.
  • Made debugging latency issues simpler by introducing Zipkin distributed tracing.
  • Made it easier to refactor, maintain and test UI code by migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript.


Bachelor of Engineering

Delhi University (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology)