Ant task for minifying JS/CSS files using YUI Compressor

Created an open-source Ant library for JS/CSS minification, incorporating YUI Compressor.

October 7, 2013

Execution time in Firebug

Profiling JavaScript code in Firebug

December 13, 2011

Gotcha with ActionScript ‘const’

ActionScript (like JavaScript) lets you access object properties using two different notations. Consider the following class class A { public const CONSTANT:int = 34; } var a:A = new A(); The CONSTANT property of object a can be referred using the following two formats: a.CONSTANT a["CONSTANT"] Since CONSTANT is declared using const, it cannot be assigned a new value later on. So the following code doesn’t compile (as expected): a.CONSTANT = 23; However, the following code compiles and only throws an exception at run-time:...

April 13, 2009